Principal`s Message: JHAWERI SHARMA

Respected Parents and Guardians The 21st Century is a knowledge based world in which technocrats and professionals have greater say and role to play. Students of any reputed schools are the building blocks of such frames. Shri AVM has incorporated various schemes in curriculum for the students to make them competent enough to win the challenges of life with flying colours. We believe that a Child’s education is a shared process where home and school work in a partnership of the mutual benefit of the child. The aims of the school is to develop its pupils educationally and morally to their full potential and help them to become informed human beings equipped to take their place in the community as responsible citizens. With your support, our confident team will surely set high standards in the field of education in the times to come. The students at Shri AVM English Medium Secondary School will experience the joys of discovery, rather that just be quantities measured by numerical scores of letters of the alphabet.